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Magnetic Quick-Release Rechargable Flashlight

Pop-to-Light. Magnetic Base. Rechargable. Tiny yet Super Bright. Extremely Convenient, Easy & Fast to Use Than Ever Before.



The YSMART MQ5 is your trusty companion, ready to pierce the darkness at a moment's notice. Portable, powerful, and incredibly responsive—just pop, and it's lit!



We’ve done away with the need to twist your flashlight to turn it on/off. YSMART MQ5 provides a magnetic quick-release solution. Simply pull it off your keychain then the flashlight turns on immediately.


Snap to Charge

The MQ5, a gem in the YSMART lineup, comes with a durable 10180/100mAh Li-ion battery for longevity. Its magnetic wireless charging is a nod to the future—just snap it onto the base for a wire-free recharge. Simple, swift, and sophisticated.


Super Tiny

At just 5.1cm in length, the MQ5 is the most compact rechargeable flashlight in the YSMART series, blending unparalleled portability with potent illumination.


Magnetic Base

Securely Set, Never Forget: The MQ5’s magnet holds tight with 2.5kg/4.8lb of force, ensuring it stays where you place it, worry-free.


Super Bright

This miniature marvel lights up the night, proving that the smallest flashlights can cast the brightest beams, shining a brilliant 130 lumens from its high-quality CREE XPG3 bulb.

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