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TIPEN 3.0 this Nano Pen’s a Lifesaver

Must-Have Everyday Carry for Anyone and Everyone, Smallest | Toughest | Refillable | Waterproof | Fireproof | Smashproof


Write Anywhere

YSMART TIPEN 3.0 is the world’s smallest, lightest and refillable pen. You can use the Silicon Nitride Ceramics tip to write on anything.


An Everyday Carry

Carry it loose in your wallet, add it to your keyring, attach it to your backpack, even use it on the zipper on your jacket. You’ll never be without a pen again.


An Emergency Impact Tool

And it’s not only made for writing. The sheer strength of the silicon carbide ballpoint tip makes it able to easily cut open packages, pry off lids, and even doubles as an emergency impact tool if you get into tricky situations.


Virtually Indestructible

This amazing design is made of signature brass or solid ultra-tough titanium. It not only looks great but is practically indestructible.

​The Idea

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