The World's Smallest Pen Tool.

A lot of people within the EDC community have a fascination with tiny things -- myself included. There's something incredibly pleasing about carrying and using a tool that's small, lightweight and can still get the job done. 


Write Everywhere

YSMART TIPEN is the world's smallest fully functional, robust pen. TIPEN is designed to be the smalles and yet toughest pens out there.


An Everyday Carry

The most obvious way to go is on your keys, but you can also wear it on a necklace, use it as a zipper pull for a jacket or bag, or even carry it loose in your coin pocket or travel wallet. 


A Reliable


While compact and lightweight, the Pen packs a serious punch. Aside from making notes, the Tungsten Carbide ballpoint tip also works for opening packages in a pinch and even doubles as an emergency impact tool should the dire need ever arise.


Indestructible For Lifetime 

Designed to withstand the heaviest of abuse, the TIPEN features a robust aluminum body, stainless steel ink reservoir, stainless steel spring, and dual-lock screw-down head.