The World's Smallest  Flashlight

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Our design is made of beautiful machined and anodized aluminium and is smallest, lightest, more durable, and more bright than ever before. There's an also Magnetic Base for hands-free use.

Ever wish you had a light to carry with anytime, anywhere for any need? …

Well, you can. 

Hands-free Use

Extending the light’s functionality, the magnet can be attached to metal surfaces for hands-free operation.


Whether your heading to the beach or getting caught in a tropical downpour or even got pushed beside the pool, it still works perfectly.

Easy to Carry

An Everyday Carry

Superior Design

Can be attached to virtually anything. Your gym bag, your jacket, your keys. Suitable for any indoor or outdoor situation.

Measuring in at an incredible 10mm x 25mm and weighing only 4.5grams, y-smart is the perfect sized flashlight for modern-day wear.

Hands-free use


Built for a strange new world.

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