This is Flashlight 2.0

Magnetic Quick-Release Flashlight for Everyday Carry

Redefining EDC Flashlight

Pop-to-Light, Magnetic Base, Tiny but Super Bright, in Aluminium or Titanium, Extremely Convenient, Easy, Fast to Use Than Ever Before

Just pop it to turn it on

Sometimes you just need a strong light, fast. With YSMART 2.0 you get a handy, EDC flashlight that you can take it with you anywhere, and light up anything in an instant.

Hands-Free use

Magnetic Base

Extending the light’s functionality, the magnet can be attached to metal surfaces for hands-free. 

Super Bright

The most Powerful Yet!

With YSMART2.0, we’ve created our most powerful micro flashlight yet. You get 100 lumens packed into a tiny, robust design.

An Everyday 


WOW! Your sports bag, your jacket, and even attach to your keychain. Perfect match for any indoor or outdoor activities. It’s in-interesting that your buddy finds out you’re carrying such a mini but functional cool stuff.

Durable Aluminum

Solid Titanium

This amazing design is made of signature black aerospace aluminum or solid ultra -tough titanium. YSMART 2.0 not only looks great, but is practically unbreakable.  


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