Who We Are

Here's a bit more information about our team..



I love outdoor sports and product design, I have two lovely daughters, aged two and four. I worked as a senior product designer for a London outdoors company for many years and built up a lot of experience and a passion for design.



I worked for many years at a Fortune 500 company as the Operation and Marketing Manager. I love cooking and I have a son aged seven.

Long hours and repetitive tasks have taught me that I prefer working for myself.  So when Frank introduced the crowdfunding I discovered we have a lot in common.


That's when we formed YSMART, a design company focusing on EDC product development which uses Kickstarter as our platform to market and presents our designs.


We registered our company in London in Aug 2018. Franco is in charge of product design, quality assurance and prototyping and Serena deal with operations, project management, marketing and communication.


We launched our first Kickstarter project, The YSMART Flashlight, on November 7, 2018, and we were really pleased by the levels of support we received. In the end, the project attracted over 2000 backers.


We always do our best to fulfil rewards and fluidly, and at the same time, we always try to focus on the next product idea.